Employment Law

Employment Law Mediation

We've handled mediation for a wide range of employment disputes, including harassment,
retaliation, and discrimination, as well as a variety of contract disputes.

Employment Mediations

Employment mediations have a very personal feel to them, because one’s place of work is second only to home for most time spent on a daily basis. Workplace issues Anne has mediated range from harassment and retaliation to discrimination under Title VII, ADEA, ADA, USERRA, FMLA, wage and hour issues including FLSA, and contract issues including non-compete, trade secrets, non-solicitation, breach of contract and wrongful termination.

Mediating Flexibility

Anne has discovered that whether the party is an employee, entrepreneur, part of a mid-sized company or a multi-national corporation, and whether in the hospitality industry, health care field, or major retail establishment, the person sitting in the chair at mediation is just that, a person, who can generally be counted upon to exhibit the flexibility inherent in all human beings, when sufficiently motivated.

Motivating Factors

Motivation to settle can include money, but also an upcoming trial or deposition, or other impending deadline or decision which makes reaching a settlement more urgent. This is when settlement is most likely to occur.

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