Civil Disputes

Mediation for Civil Disputes

We provide mediation for a variety of Civil Disputes, including personal
injury, insurance matters, wrongful death, healthcare issues and more.

Civil Mediation Issues

Civil litigation encompasses all types of issues regarding insurance, personal injury, property damage and coverage disputes. Health care litigation involving insurers, providers, the insureds, and regulators.

As well as medical malpractice, defective products, and other professional liability. Anne has extensive experience mediating these issues occurring in hospital environments, in the Hospitality industry and involving major retail establishments.

Civil Arbitration under Florida Law

When an insurer is willing to pay the claim and has more than one claimant, Anne or someone similar is hired as a neutral facilitator to hold an apportioned settlement conference and create a division of the settlement proceeds that all the claimants agree to accept.

Anne is an experienced wrongful death Arbitrator under Section 766 of the Florida Statutes. With an Administrative Judge presiding, the Plaintiff and Defense each get to pick an Arbitrator to the panel of three who then hear the case. This provides expedited results to both sides and avoids the length and cost of a jury trial.

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