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Business, Employment and Civil Mediations for South Florida

Bloom Mediation offers decades of experience handling Business, Employment,
Civil Mediation and Arbitration in the South Florida area.

Our Mediation Services are backed by
decades of experience.

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"I want to compliment you on doing everything right in a mediation that was almost certainly doomed to failure...in a complicated case to settle under ordinary circumstances. Summing up, you were an excellent mediator in a very uncomfortable mediation, and I would never hesitate to use you again."

John A., Business Litigator

"I have found that Anne’s time, attention, experience, and tactics have proven to either resolve cases or narrow the issues. I keep Anne on my “short list” of mediators after having found her to be an effective resource for alternative dispute resolution."

Brian P., Plaintiff’s Employment Litigator

"Just wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful job you did for us yesterday. Needless to say our client is very happy. It certainly makes us feel good to get a great result but nothing tops compliments from a neutral party, much less compliments made in front of one's client!"

Jon S., Large Firm Litigator